Meso Bio Lift

Mesobiolift is the first technology using endo-thermal energy for firming the skin and decongestion of tissues. Its signal synchronises radiofrequency and direct current in order to activate the neogenesis of the skin cells and to penetrate active ingredients.

meso bio lift rf5

Its action stimulates a control diathermy in deep tissues and at the same time penetrates our recommended active ingredients: argan stem cells, decongestant or firming ingredients.

Facial treatments: recovery of the skin’s elasticity, redefinition of the facial oval and redensification of expression lines.

meso bio lift rf7

Anti-ageing treatments. Skin firming. Improved tone and hydration. Smoothed expression lines. Redefinition of the oval of the face. Neckline and neck treatment. Drainage and circulation-stimulating. Relief and decongestion of muscles.