Laser Hair Removal

E Light technology combines Optical (IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF) to deliver satisfying, longer-lasting results.

The E Light system is different from other laser systems as it first delivers light energy to its target followed a fraction of a second later by radiofrequency energy. This brief time lapse cannot be detected by the body which only feels one “impulse”. The technology allows a lower level of light energy to be delivered and this means it can be used on all skin types with reduced risk of complications such as burns, blistering and pigmentation disorders. The combined IPL/RF energies are delivered in a virtually painless fashion!



Hair removal

By combining the IPL and RF energies we can treat all skin types and even the difficult white/grey hair colours. Our laser has a range of spot sizes that means we can treat large areas more quickly whilst still being capable of treating smaller more difficult areas.